Flights from San Juan (SJU)

NOTE: the cruise return to San Juan on Sunday 24 April 2022

LIAT AIRLINES - no schedules can be booked at this time.  Will look into group flights to BGI and POS.

SJU to BGI - Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays

14:50 via ANU, arrive 19:05

SJU to POS - Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays

14:50 via ANU, arrive 21:10


AMERICAN AIRLINES - three (3) later flights to MIA at 3:19pm, 5:14pm and 6:24pm, then overnight in MIA and fly to POS next day.



Flights from MIA to BGI and POS


to POS @ 3:35pm direct, arrives POS at 7:20pm (3hrs 45m)

to BGI @ 3:35pm via POS, arrives BGI at 9:45pm (6hr 10m)



Flights from BGI to POS return

Caribbean Airlines DAILY (BGI to POS)

6am, 9:35am and 7:20pm DIRECT

Current fare:

$117.40 USD pp one way (LITE)

$145.67 USD pp one way (CLASSIC)



8am, 5:30pm and 9:10pm

$92.68 USD pp (LITE)

$120.96 USD pp (CLASSIC)


$271.18 USD pp return (CLASSIC)



Air2Sea Program by Royal

What is Air2Sea?

Air2Sea is the name of Royal Caribbean's air program.  It provides you with the option to purchase air accommodationvia our interactive website,  Offers an easty, seamless and worry-free way to purchase flights in conjunction with your cruise reservation.  With Air2Sea you select the airline, schedule and price!

Available 330 days out.

Lowest Airfare Guarantee

Assured Arrival

Easy To Reserve

Choice Of Airlines

24/7 Support





Air2Sea Consumer Flyer

Air2Sea Request For Quote

Air2Sea Request For Quote