ARUBA - Mini Island Tour with Beach Party.  PRIVATE TOUR.  Departure time: 1:30om (4 hours).  50 guests minimum, 90 guests maximum.  


CURACAO - Discover Curacao & Brewery Tour.  PRIVATE TOUR.  Departure Time: 1pm (4.15 hours).  25 guests minimum per coach.  Maximum of 220 guests.  


BONAIRE - Excursion with Madame Flash - Time and cost pp TBA



Sunday 24 April 2022

Barbados Bajan Open Bus Island Tour (includes drinks, food), 4 hours $35 USD pp (limited to first 96 hashers) 11am to 3pm.  Tour tckets will be on sale ONLINE.



Best Of Aruba

Discover Curacao


Sint Maarten Island Tour

Bajan Bus Island Tour

Group Events

Monday 5 April 2021 - Group Cocktail Party - one hour complimentary beverages only (House/Call Brand Liquors), includes mixers, domestic and wine.  Time and place TBA

Friday 9 April 2021 - Ship Hash (Red Dress).  Time and place TBA

Other possible group events on board - sea days:

- Exclusive Wine Tasting

- Exclusive Rum Tasting

- Exclusive Whiskey Tasting

- Exclusive Beer Tasting